Building a Home?

There certainly are benefits of having a home built for you rather than buying one on the resale market. You get to choose your own lot, paint colours, cabinets, flooring, finishing and you can customize the home to your tastes and lifestyle.

The friendly, hospitable show-home representative that’s sitting in the converted garage warmly welcomes you, offers you coffee and Danish pastries and asks how he (or she) can help you design the perfect home. The sales rep seems knowledgable and eager to answer any of your questions. You begin to tell the rep about the type of home you’d like to live in and what your budget is. What most people don’t realize is that no matter how knowledgable and friendly the rep is, he or she is representing the builder (and the builder alone). The sales rep is hired by the builder to sell the builder’s product and he or she does not have any fiduciary to you. They are not legally bound to represent your best interests or get you the best deal possible.

Home builders welcome the cooperation of Realtors and are happy to work with their clients. When I accompany you to your meetings with the sales rep, I can make sure that you’re understanding all the aspects of the process and explain the implications of important clauses within their contracts. I can also use my experience to help negotiate the best price and all sorts of extras for yourself!

Builders are happy to pay a Finders Fee to Realtors for introducing their clients to them. There’s no cost to you for my services and you won’t end up paying more for your home if I were to help you. In fact, you’ll probably end up paying a whole lot less for the home if I’m working with you. The only condition that the builders has for me to represent you, is that I physically introduce you to them and that’s easy enough to do. Before meeting with a builder, reach out to me and we’ll discuss a winning game plan for you.

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