Selling By Owner?

There are many good reasons that people have to put their homes on the market “For Sale By owner.” Usually motivation for going it alone is to save on real estate fees, but there are other reasons as well. Potential downsides that a private seller encounters include increased risk of entering into legal problems, having too much awkward interaction with a potential buyer, a lack of current market information an dealing with savvy “investor-type” bargain hunters who are looking to save the same real estate fees that you intend on saving.

Throughout my 30-year career, I’ve always been willing to lend a helping hand to private sellers who could stand to use some assistance for free. I see doing so as an investment in the future: If I help you achieve your goal today, you might eventually find a way of repaying me in the future by referring my services to a friend or family member that is looking for a good Realtor. Theres also the possibility that you, yourself, may choose to use a Realtor’s services down the road, and since we would have already established a trust and relationship with each other, you may choose me to represent you!

Before you get to the point of receiving an offer on your home, I could walk you through the entire process in a Power Hour Seminar. We’d touch base on a variety of items, issues and scenarios, to boost your level of confidence and preparedness that would include:

  • How to proactively find potential buyers beyond the scope of basic internet advertising and signage.
  • How to convert an enquiry into a bonafide showing appointment.
  • Overcoming objections and dealing with “smoke screens.”
  • How to make sure that buyers are actually seeing the features, benefits an attributes of your home while you’re allowing them some privacy and space.
  • How to show your home without overcrowding.
  • How to ask for an offer without coming across as anxious or desperate to sell.
  • How to secure a deal on your home on an evening or weekend when your lawyer isn’t available-but also make sure you have an opportunity to get your lawyer’s approval on the deal before fully committing to it.
  • Anticipate the different scenarios, conditions and terms that a buyer may have and be prepared with the necessary paperwork and the confidence to complete it.
  • Have up-to-the-hour market data on you while negotiating with the buyer so that you can sell your home at full market value.
  • How to keep tabs on the status of the deal after you’ve negotiated the price and terms and have a deal pending.
  • What options do you have when something goes wrong at the point of the property inspection.
  • Have a resource person on hand to help you navigate all the stages you’ll go through, from pricing, staging, showing, negotiating and closing.

Looking to Sell Your House?

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